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Service designer, focused on data, research and strategy.

I design and develop solutions that simplify people's lives.

I have been developing experiences for global companies and brands for 8 years. I have already created strategies, products and services for national and international groups such as Burger King, Netflix, BASF, Globo, Banco Inter, Vallourec, Latam, Fleury, Eurofarma, FDC, Sebrae, Havaianas, Vale and others.

I have an advertising, technology and innovation background with deep knowledge in strategy, research, marketing, agile and data. In recent years I have been dedicated to innovation consulting for companies, businesses and brands that seek to improve processes, evolve operations, digital transformation and data-based decisions.

I help in the training of new professionals, with a spirit of leadership, mentoring learning and sharing what I know. I have a people-centered look and solution-oriented mindset through the application of data and contexts.


I seek a fairer world, with innovation being a catalyst for new realities, promoting social and environmental leadership.


Currently in Brazil

+55 (31) 9 9606-2552

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